Amazon Store

Greetings Everyone!

We have an Amazon Store that features photo accessories we use. We will be adding to the page as we go along, so take a look and see what is on there.

Besides the great options featured on the Store, we will be using this to help offset the cost of producing the podcast (web hosting, live feed/chat, etc) that Marc Sadowski​ has graciously been financing. We do not use free services to host the podcast because we do not want to be limited in what we do, and we do not want to be put in a pinch if that service ever shut down.

When you purchase from our Store we will receive a small kickback. Every little bit helps. Not only will you have a valued accessory for your mobile photography, but you will also help us.

Thank you for helping us make Tiny Shutter what it is today. We are very grateful for our listeners/friends who have journeyed with us and made the podcast awesome.

If you have any ideas for the store, please leave a comment and we will take a look at it.


Amazon Store Link Here