All Sorts of Updates, Benjamin Lowy on the Show, and Matt Beats Keith

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Colorado was the 38th state.

News – iPhone 5S to be released in June 2013?, Instagram v3.2 goes live just ahead of Twitter’s knock off filters.

FeaturedBen Lowy joins us for a chat about mobile photography’s role in photojournalism. He also gives a little info about his Hipstamatic photo that was chosen as the cover of Time Magazine.

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Focus PointsMatt’s Focus point is better than Keith’s! Keith just reinforces Snapseed.

In news I love to hate, the iPhone 5S rumors are gaining steam, Cult of Mac has posted some predictions from an analyst including a June release date, vibrant color choices and the already behind schedule NFC technology.

In update news Instagram v3.2 has launched and it’s fairly significant, but mostly for those that use the built in camera and filters.

The latest version has also added:
– Camera Roll image selector (iPhone 5 only) for quick access to your last photograph.
– Optional grid guide for live photos and a permanent grid guide for the scale & crop screen.
– News Feed redesign that’s easier to digest, in addition to larger images.
– Infinite scroll on user profiles and other grid views.
– Filtered photos are now saved to a separate album called ‘Instagram’ in the iOS camera roll.
– Foursquare button on location pages that opens the Foursquare application, or mobile website, with details about the venue

Snapseed has also updated, the most significant addition is the new pricetag of permanently free, they’ve also added a new Retrolux filter that gives you some LO-Fi ness and have also updated the frames filter. If you used the frames filter in Snapseed before and liked it, you’re liable not to like this version, ironically there are more options, but less control. They’ve instead given you the shuffle or randomize feature on additional combinations, hence the more options less control. Now, if you’ve already paid for Snapseed then the update to permanently free is not a big deal for you, so for you I have a different biggest upgrade in the update, and that is the ability to browse for photos to import in a larger preview.