Bullet Proof iPhone, Use Multiple Apps for the Best Result, Our First Listener Question

Episode 6.1 is here for your listening pleasure.

News – Facebook buys Instagram… yeah yeah, old news, moving on many reports coming in that Apple will be eliminating the use of the +Volume button as a shutter button and rumors are afoot that the iPhone  will be sporting a dedicated shutter button. Worried about snipers? A new iPhone case may set your mind at ease. Ticker tape and marching bands as Snapseed brings home the title, … again!

Featured – This week we share some of our favorite tips, techniques, and so forth. Keith Mentions using the iPhone camera for things no other camera can do, Matt brings some great insight into the iPhone photography creative process, and Mark has alternative uses for your sunglasses. Next round Keith makes rain, or water droplets at least with an epic tip for capturing macro shots with the iPhone. Matt has an alternative use for a cool app!

Listener Questions – This week we answer our first listener question from Oliver. Submit your questions by commenting on any of the show posts, on Facebook or Google+, or on the Tiny Shutter Contact page. You can use any method to record and send an audio question, but Audio questions can be recorded in Voice Memo on your iPhone and sent directly from the app to ‘questions (at) Tiny Shutter (dot) com’

Focus Points – Keith says Operation and it’s BTS, Mark says InstaDM, Matt says Photographer’s Rights!

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