Does Verizon Hate the iPhone, Fan Mail, and a Tripod Listener Question

Welcome to episode 9.

News – Verizon sales associates actively steering customers away from the iPhone, iOS 5.1.1 hits the street, and IEEE will begin ranking camera phone image quality. Instagram surpasses 50 million users and pulls up the E-brake.

Fan Mail! – Thanks to Kristen, Alan Jenny & Alexis, Blaine, and Fan from Tacoma for the awesome Postagrams! Use promo code TinyShutter and get two free Postagrams, if you send one to us we’ll add you in the running for Keith’s iPhone Shutter Grip.

Featured – A brief discussion of Keith’s Belkin iPhone Shutter Grip review here on Tiny Shutter.

Listener Question – @iPhoneFarmer wrote in this week with a question about tripod mount options for the iPhone using the Mophie Juice Pack . Mark suggested getting the Telephoto kit from Photojojo that comes with a mount that would work. Matt suggested the Capta from Adorama, And Keith suggested a Manfrotto Super Clamp . Other option are the Camarush and Phoneboat Slide.

Focus Points – Matt talks about FilterStorm and Keith suggests Mobitog.