First Time Here?


Is this your first time here? It’s all good. Whether you heard about this web site through a web site, podcast or good ol’fashion word of mouth, we’re glad you’re hear and interested in iPhone photography. Hopefully this page will help you with any questions that you have.

What is Tiny Shutter?

Tiny Shutter is a podcast dedicated to the iPhone photography craft. The beauty about iPhone photography is that it appeals to everyone – professionals and amateurs. It’s fun for everyone. And that’s our podcast… fun for everyone… except you Android. Get your own show.

Where can I listen to the show?

The Tiny shutter podcast is found on iTunes, this web site and even the Stitcher network. You can download the Stitcher app in the app store. Stitcher is also available on Android… but we already covered them above.

Who are the hosts?

You can find all the information on the show hosts here.

Can I somehow participate?

Yes you can. If you have questions, comments or suggestions for features, you can always leave a comment on one of these pages or you can follow one of the links to the social networks below. Currently we are covering Facebook and Google+