iPhone 5s, Dueling iPhone Photogs With Special Guest, and NASA

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Episode 34 rhymes with dirty pore.

News – Will we see a sooner than expected iPhone 5s launch?

Featured – Colby from the hot new app Duel Pic is our special guest today. Find @Colby_Nelson on Twitter, @ColbyNelson on Instagram, @DuelPic on Instagram, fellow DuelPic developers @BrayNelson and @FreeThinkaa on Instagram, DuelPic on Facebook, and you can do the email thing to Colby at DuelPic dot com

Use hashtag #TinyShutter to get your photo featured as a TinyShutter ‘Post Picture of the Week’.

Focus Points – Marc like Mosaic, Keith teases the Tiny Shutter Advantage, Matt is starry eyed over the NASA app, and Colby likes CinemaGram.