Keith Botches the News, Hipstamatic Wedding Photographers, and Guest Host Joseph Ferreira

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28 Reasons why Keith promises to be better prepared for the news next week!

News – Keith is ill prepared but does manage to mention Apple’s apparent obsession with Jimmy Hendrix

Featured – Marc and Keith answered the call and went to Connecticut to be Hipstamatic Wedding Photographers. In this episode we talk about it, next episode we’ll talk to the bride.

Bride = @BoogieToTheMusic
Groom = @RockTheSky
The wedding’s DSLR shooter = @MikeNakhla

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Focus PointsJoseph Ferreira has a great app called Remote Shutter, Marc is now a huge fan of Hipstamatic, Matt finds iTunes u on his phone and Keith reiterates Waze as being the ‘Best app Eva!”