Kevin Kuster Visits, Instagram Angers World, and Matt knock’s it out of the Park!

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@rpalarms on Instagram

2012 saw 39 Tiny Shutter episodes!!

News – Instagram pisses off the world, and it’s all Facebook’s fault.

Featured – Kevin Kuster is our Super Special guest today! We chat about his journey in photography, his role in the #jj community, Instagram’s new Ts&Cs, and his project “Creator Gallery.

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Focus Points – Keith like Instaplace, Marc has a Spec Wallet, and Matt knocks it out of the park with four awesome iPhone photographer gift idea lists!

iPhoneography Gift Suggestions
1. For HDR and Long Exposure Shooters
a. DiffCase
i. Lens Mountable Case – $34.95
ii. Lens Kit – $49.95
b. Average Camera Pro – $0.99
c. Slow Shutter Cam – $0.99
d. TrueHDR – $1.99
e. ProHDR – $1.99
f. Gorilla Pod
i. Original – $19.99
ii. Grip Tight – $29.95
iii. SLR – $49.95
2. For Nature and Adventure Photographers
b. Life Proof Case – $69.99
c. Photographers Emphemeris – $8.99

ii. “It’s a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on
the land, day or night, for any location on earth.”

d. TrueHDR – $1.99
e. Gaia GPS – $19.99
ii. Offline mapping
f. Magic Hour

3. Cold Weather Gear
c. TNF ETIP Glove – $45.00
d. Manzella Sprint Touch Tip Glove – $20.00
e. Life Proof Case

4. Cool Gear in General
d. Olloclip – $69.99
e. Plane Pieces iPhone Piston Charging Dock – $99.00
f. Macro Cell Lens Band – $15.00
g. Glidetrack Mobislyder – $99.95
iv.Use to create controlled panning effects. Would be awesome to use in
conjunction with the OSnap app for time lapse.