Marc States the Obvious: The Awesomeness of iPhone Photography

Marc's Epic Tree

I’ve decided to start a new segment for the site… something to get me in the habit of writing regularly and sharing photos with you all. I decided to call it Marc States the Obvious because the stuff I will probably regularly say is stuff you most likely have heard before. But I also feel that these are the things we most likely forget, too. So it bares repeating… especially for me.

Writing about the obvious came to me when I took this shot on the right.

I took it as I was talking to Keith (co-host of our awesome new show) where I listened to him talk about his new medium format camera. I’m all like “That’s cool…. uh huh…” meanwhile I hit the home button, slide the camera on and took my shot.

iPhone photography… it’s great! We all love it. That’s clear because we started a whole show dedicated to it and you’re reading it (and hopefully listening to the show). Oh sure, there are many people who hate iPhone photography, go out of the way to talk hate about it. But those people lack imagination, innovation and I also hear that they hate babies and bunnies, too. Dreadful people…

My most favorite aspect about iPhone photography is this… it’s easy, and I now ALWAYS have my camera. Always! I sleep next to this thing (because it’s also my alarm clock, but that’s neither here nor there).

Marc's Walk in the park

That’s something that’s really new to photography… the always on a person, not the sleeping near the camera bit. Even point and shoots never got this kind of face time. Apple’s greatest gift to photography wasn’t only making a good camera on a cell phone, but it make photography more convenient. To that I say thank you. Here is my money… oh, and suck it, Android!

Tune in next time when I say something else that’s incredibly obvious but hopefully have entertained you with – at least – a good photo or two.