What’s in Marc’s iPhone Photography Bag?

It’s a brand new year and it’s time to do some iPhone photography gear updates! I would like to share with you what is in my iPhone photography camera bag.

The first thing that I did was upgrade my phone to the iPhone 7 Plus. The main reason for the upgrade was the new 56mm lens.

Even though this new “telephoto” lens for the iPhone is not as good as the standard 29mm lens (i.e. no stabilization, f/2.8, etc.) I still think it’s worth having because the images are in focus from edge to edge. This is something that no other 3rd party lens accessory can promise.

This also allowed me to ditch my third part lenses and ditch the necessary cases as well. That freed up a lot of space.

The only 3rd party lens that I have left is one made my AUKEY and it is a wide angle/macro lens combo. It is a simple lens that clips onto the device, so it’s good for this iPhone and any previous/future models, too.

I bought the AUKEY lens for another reason. You can unscrew the lens entirely and with some lens filter adapters, you can use your DSLR’s lens filters for your iPhone. It’s a win/win.

You can see more about this in my video as well as the other pieces of gear I picked up:

Here is a list of the items that are in my bag: