Olloclip is 5 Worthy, Cloud Bad, and Facebook Syncs Your Photos… All of Them.

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35 is alive… have I done that one already?

NewsOlloclip is ready for the iPhone 5, iCloud is weak, and Resistance is futile give Facebook your photos…all of them.

Featured – Let’s talk about the iPhone Photography things we are thankful for, and Thanksgiving photography tips.

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Focus Points – Marc likes DropBox, Keith likes Turkey Hunt, and Matt likes InstaCanvas Manager-Links coming soon.

Finally, in News we have all been waiting for, the great folks at Olloclip have their iPhone 5 versions ready for launch. There is a link in the show notes, and.. from what I have heard we will have the Olloclip creator himself on the show next week, how cool is that? Marc? How cool is that?

Next we have “clouds are for raining” news. Just when you thought your parade was about to go on, Gizmodo has a nice, lengthy, parade killing, grey cloud full of rain to douse your hopes. For those of you die-hard Apple fanBois like myself you have probably come to frustration several times lately over Siri, iMessage, iCloud and iTunes Match failures over the past few months. What’s up with iCloud?

Our final news story comes to you from Facebook and I have entitled it, “Resistance is Futile” You may or may not know that Facebook is home to over 300 Million photo uploads..per…day, but, it would seem as though that is not enough as Facebook looks to launch an iOS version of autosync that would automatically take every photo you capture directly to Facebook on a one way train to shareville.