Preserving Memories With Your iPhone

IMG_8270Preserving Memories With Your iPhone

Ten years ago, I lived with my Grandmother and listened to her stories about her and her family. I remember thinking that I should be recording those moments while I had a chance.  This week I sat down with my Grandmother, and we went through a couple of her old photo albums.

My Grandmother will turn 90 this year, and I wanted to preserve her memories for me and my children. She grew up during the Depression and World War II, and I wanted her to share her experiences.  I used my iPhone to capture these moments, so I thought it would be best to post images of my setup and the gear I used.


1. iPhone
2. Tripod
3. Sync Cord (Power & Transfer)
4. Computer (Power Source & Video Storage)
5. Mic/Head Phone Splitter
6. Lapel Mic
7. Headphones (Audio Sound Check)
8. Jobe Phone Clamp

The time spent was successful, but I did make a couple mistakes though they were minor.


1. Remember how much memory is on your phone. One segment was 40 minutes long, but the iPhone quit 35 minutes into the session. I only have the 16Gig with 5Gig free.

2. Remember to put your iPhone on Airplane Mode. This will prevent interruptions and keep the flow smooth. It also prevents audio interference. The external mic acts like an antenna, and it will pick up the microwave transmissions from the device. After the first session, I turned on my cellular to check messages while the video downloaded onto my computer. I forgot to turn it off again.

I was very pleased with the videos I recorded. I’ve been mentally planning this event for a while, and it was satisfying to get some great footage. I hope I can sit down with her and do this again. I also hope that I can encourage you to do the same with your family.