SpinCam is Free For iPhone Right Now

SpinCam – This app is very cool and it’s free right now for an undisclosed amount of time, normally $2.99

This is not another “Pano” app, SpinCam creates 3D walk arounds of an object. Have your friend stand in a pose and hold still, then aim your iPhone at your friend, start the app, then walk around your friend keeping the same distance from them and keeping them framed similarly. The app gives you visual and audio feed back as you progress around your chosen object. When your done SpinCam produces an interactive image that you can swipe to orbit the view giving you a 3D experience. The result is similar to an animated gif as far as video quality but the interaction aspect is very cool. Here’s a “Spin” I did.

The good news: It’s free right now, and I think it’s worth the $2.99 they are asking for normally. The results are consistent and pretty decent quality. The app is simple to use, creating the images, interacting with them, and sharing them are all quick and easy. There is also a built in community to share your results with and get ideas from.

The bad news: The final video quality can be choppy feeling if you are not careful with your orbit and composition. This choppiness affect is magnified the larger your orbit around the object is. Sharing from your phone is limited to the built in community or Facebook. Though once you get it to Facebook there is a link provided for the “Spin” that can be shared. The UI and overall experience with the Facebook version is not as smooth or enjoyable.

Hopefully coming in an update: I’d like to see more sharing options from the phone, embeddability would be nice. I’d like a play option for both the phone and internet versions, rather than having to swipe.

This link will take you to SpinCam on the iTunes store.