The New Flickr – The Standard Is Raised

How many of you have a Flickr account?  For the longest time Flickr has been stuck in the stone ages while other services have surpassed it.  That was until today.  Flickr has unveiled their latest improvements.  The visual improvement is very appealing, but the changes to the user options is huge.

newflickrFlickr has always had paid and free options since the beginning of time. The free version limited the user to 200 images in sequence, while hiding the older images without deleting them, and the paid version gave you access to all the images.  This has changed.  Flickr is giving 1TB storage to everyone! (I’m using 0.019% of the storage)  There are paid levels that give you more storage space and take away the ads (I can live with that).

The other improvement I’m impressed with is the new visual layout. 2004 is calling.  It cannot find it’s user interface. The layout is clean and refreshing, and my images actually look good on the screen.  Click on the image to see my account and the new layout.

I’ve had an account with Flickr since 2007, but I have not really paid a lot of attention to it.  Most of my reasoning is because there was no value to the product.  That has changed for me.  The standard has been raised in Flickr for good, and it will also change the standards for other services as well.

If you have not looked a Flickr for a while, now is a great time to look at them again.  Let’s hope they do not take another decade to innovate.