War Documentary Shot with iPhone, iHaters, and PicPatch

Welcome to episode three of the Tiny Shutter Podcast.

News update on iPhone and Android privacy and security problems with Path founder visiting Apple HQ. Sony gets beat by the iPhone. Russell Brand gets arrested for swiping, throwing, and breaking a window with an iPhone being used to take his picture. Aljazeera aired a 25 minute long documentary on the war in Syria shot entirely on an iPhone.

Featured in this weeks show we discuss iHaters. Is it OK to use Hipstamatic for photojournalism? Do you “get” Instagram? Will iPhone photography, and smartphone photography in general replace point and shoots?

Focus Points start with Keith and a cool security product called PicPatch that safely covers the lens of  smart phones prevent unwanted photos in secure locations. Matt mentions an iPhone case that doubles as a tripod mount which he will publishing a full review of here. Marc sends a shout out to an  Android commenter showing us the love.

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