What’s Wrong With Instagram Today? Breaking News!

NOTE: This post was related to a previous Instagram Outage. If you’re coming here to complain about Instagram, feel free to let us know that something is wrong. However, we are NOT tech support, and we have no affiliation with Instagram.

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Update 6/30/12 17:30 : Instagram is back up! Yay!

Update 6/30/12 13:00 : My Instagram feed has updated but will not allow uploads. #GettingThere

UPDATE 6/30/12 12:00 :Amazon has continued to update their AWS with information about continuing outages related to the N. Virginia Cloud server. These outages have been caused by violent storms that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands and killing 5 people. Amazon’s most recent update:We are continuing our recovery efforts for the remaining EC2 instances and EBS volumes. We are beginning to successfully provision additional Elastic Load Balancers.

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UPDATE 6/30/12 08:00 : Instagram has been down since @ 23:00 eastern time 6/29/12. The cause of the outage is an Amazon Elastic Cloud server in N. Virginia that has apparently been affected by severe thunder storms in the area. Instagram has tweeted a generic statement acknowledging the outage
– @InstagramHelp
We’re currently experiencing technical difficulties and we’re working to correct the issues. Thanks for your patience

As usual IG has avoided offering any information regarding the outage to the > 1M fans on their Facebook page, IG has updated their wall with a brief description of the cause of the issue. Netflix, Pinterest, and a host of other services are feeling the outage. The latest update from Amazon is: Jun 30, 4:42 AM PDT We are continuing to work to recover the remaining EC2 instances, EBS volumes and ELBs.

EDIT: If you found your way to this page because Instagram is giving you grief by not updating, add your 2 cents to the comment section. We want to know… because odds are we’re feeling the same pain.

Breaking News! What’s wrong with Instagram today? Complaints and questions from frustrated users are piling up on IG’s Facebook page. Messages to the IG help desk have been un-answered to this point and if you’re dwelling on it, the problems may appear to be becoming more severe.
Current issues involved include:

  • Feed not refreshing
  • Profiles not loading
  • unable to upload photos
  • unable to follow users
  • data not refreshing

What kind of issues are you having? add them in the comments below.
Have you received any response from Instagram or found other info related to the issues?

Do you think this has something to do with Android?
Do you think this has something to do with Facebook?