WWDC, Marc Goes Hipster, and More iPhone Kickstarter Interestingness

Presenting the fabulous 14th episode.

News – Connecticut women arrested for using iPhone to film police, Phil Mickelson can’t focus, not much photography excitement at WWDC, Camera + breaks 8 Million sold, Facebook camera gets a new name, sort of, and finally Marc goes Hipster!

Featured – Discussion about Kickstarter projects and iPhone photography accessories. Tupperware Light Modifier (Nimbus Cloud), The Swivl, the Scanbox, and the Daylight Viewfinder (cut from final edit).

Focus Points – Matt does not like HDR Photo Camera, Marc Paints with Corel, and Keith experiments with the built in Camera apps HDR.

Postagram has offered up more Promo Codes for the Tiny Shutter users! Use them to send us a postagram and enter yourself into the iPhone Shutter Grip give away. Shutter Grip giveaway ends 6/18/12.