Meet the Tiny Shutter Crew


IMG_8270SHOW HOST: Joseph Ferreira: I’m a mild mannered telephone construction worker by day, and an amateur photographer and graphic designer by night. I began my photographic journey, in 1999, when I watched my images float to the top of the photo paper in the dark room.The iPhone has been a huge influence in the way I look at photography. There is endless possibilities to what we can do with this powerful little camera, and I enjoy the reactions I get from people when I tell them what I can do with the iPhone.
Instagram: @josephferreira

Matt HoffmanSHOW CO-HOST: Matt Hoffman: I’ve been involved in photography both professionally and as a hobby for the last 15 years. I currently shoot landscapes in New England as a serious hobby, and sell prints on my website and in area cafes.
I’ve been photographing with my iPhone for almost a year. I love being able to shoot, edit and post to the web from where ever I happen to be.
Instagram: @mhoffmanphoto
Twitter: @mhoffmanphoto

marc-2PRODUCER: Marc Sadowski is a full time photographer and graphic designer. He started his photography career working as a writer for a local newspaper. There he was bitten by a radioactive news photographer and slowly the ability of photojournalism seeped into Marc’s DNA.
Marc is a co-founder of the Tiny Shutter and also enjoys cheeseburgers.
Twitter: @MostlyMarcus

Instagram: @marcsadowski

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