Meet the Tiny Shutter Crew


IMG_8270SHOW HOST: Joseph Ferreira: I’m a mild mannered telephone construction worker by day, and an amateur photographer and graphic designer by night. I began my photographic journey, in 1999, when I watched my images float to the top of the photo paper in the dark room.The iPhone has been a huge influence in the way I look at photography. There is endless possibilities to what we can do with this powerful little camera, and I enjoy the reactions I get from people when I tell them what I can do with the iPhone.
Instagram: @josephferreira

SHOW CO-HOST: Dave Podnar: ​I’ve been interested in photography after using my grandmother’s Kodak 110 camera to take photos at Boy Scout camp back in the dark ages.
In recent years I’ve dabbled in shooting photos at wedding and showers for friends and family with a 35 mm point and shoot.
I’m a big fan of Apple products and have been an iPhone photographer since the 4s. The iPhone camera has gone from the one I used because it was the most convenient to the camera I use because it is the best one I have.
Instagram: @profpod
Twitter: @profpod

SHOW CO-Host: Greg McMillan: It’s all about passion. I’ve loved photography most of my life and was using a Canon system for the past twenty years, first film, then digital… that is until it was collecting more dust than it was taking photos. I was having more fun capturing the world around me with my iPhone.
The ability to pursue my hobby without having to drag around all that gear is very appealing. Being an iPhone only photographer has its challenges, yes, but I like trying to do what’s necessary to help bridge that gap between mobile and conventional photography.
I’ve worked in the printing industry for over thirty years and have become accustomed to achieving a final image that closet resembles what I actually see. That practice has found its way into my editing style. My edits are subtle with just a taste of artistic flair.

Instagram: @reddoorphotos
Twitter: @gregsmcmillan

Matt HoffmanSHOW CO-Host: Matt Hoffman: I’ve been involved in photography both professionally and as a hobby for the last 15 years. I currently shoot landscapes in New England as a serious hobby, and sell prints on my website and in area cafes.
I’ve been photographing with my iPhone for almost a year. I love being able to shoot, edit and post to the web from where ever I happen to be.
Instagram: @mhoffmanphoto
Twitter: @mhoffmanphoto

marc-2FOUNDER/PRODUCER: Marc Sadowski is a full time photographer and graphic designer. He started his photography career working as a writer for a local newspaper. There he was bitten by a radioactive news photographer and slowly the ability of photojournalism seeped into Marc’s DNA.
Marc is a co-founder of the Tiny Shutter and also enjoys cheeseburgers.
Twitter: @MostlyMarcus

Instagram: @marcsadowski