Tiny Shutter Live

lensIn addition to listening to Tiny Shutter on your podcast device, you can also listen live! Tiny Shutter is now part of the Alpha Geek Radio network. You now have the choice to listen live and participate in the chat channel.

When and Where

  • On Alpha Geek Radio. Links are below
  • Fridays at 9pm Eastern Time

How to Listen Live

We will broadcast on Channel 2. Here is the direct link to listen live:

This link will work on your web browser or your smart phone device. If that doesn’t work for you, then you can always use the app TuneIn and listen that way. TuneIn is available on practically everything. Seriously, it’s even on BlackBerry. Here’s the direct link:

Join the Chat Channel

If you’re listening live, feel free to join the chat channel. Here is the direct link: